Ehe Für Alle


I give my whole support to any great progress in human rights. Anyone on this planet should be respected and given the freedom to be whoever that person wants to be, and  to be WITH whoever that person wants to be.

I was really glad when Frank Schröder from i Heart Berlin contacted me about his new campaign in collaboration with Skyy Vodka calling for support in the fight for marriage equality and other causes important to the LGBTQ community.

Frank designed a statement shirt as part of the “Straight Support” movement, and asked bloggers and instagrammers to help spread the word, by posing for diversity and against homophobia.

The campaign was shot by Joseph Wolfgang Ohlert at P7 Gallery, and featured great people like Marlen Stahlhuth @lenipaperboats  Liz Bernatzek @liz_b, Alice M. Huynh @alicemhuynh, Claudio from iHeartBerlin @claudioheartsberlin and other bloggers.

Check the full campaign on i Heart Berlin.

Coinciding with the campaign marriage equality finally became a reality in germany ! Yay!

We still have a long way to go in order to live in a perfect society!  I would definitely concentrate on the new generations to come and offer them a better education. Stop teaching our kids that surviving in our society is about competition and ego.

#EineGenerationWeiter  #EhefürAlle.


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