Nike Cortez 45th birthday

I have been involved in the “Beautiful x Powerful”  project for the Nike Cortez’s 45th birthday last spring 2017. How cool is that? I got the pleasure to have Curated by GIRLS team up with Nike to showcase a new definition of femininity where women are empowered to be who they want to be and embracing their individuality as a strength.

To me, female empowerment has to do with freedom more than anything else. Women should be the ones deciding and defining their own identity before anyone else. We may feel underestimated, underrepresented but we feel that way in a society that is profoundly sick. I would want women to really make a change. Less ego, less selfishness and more respect for each other.

Brand: Nike Sportswear
models: Saskia JungJulia Dalia, Marieke Fischer and me.
Photographer: Eylül Aslan – @eyluelaslan
Collages: Lucy Dyson – @lucydysonsphere
Styling: Charlotte Gindreau – @charlotte.gindreau
Fashion assistant: Ketewan Mcheidse – ketimoo
Hair & Makeup: Katja Maassen – @katjamaassen
Production: Glutamat Kommunikation – @glutamatberlin
pre-production: Glutamat Berlin & Curated By Girls – @curatedbygirls
Studio: Blogfabrik – @blogfabrik

Laetitia June 02Laetitia OG

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