I’m a Tomboy

I did an editorial for the korean brand: U N A L L O Y E D , and it was super fun.
Their motto : “others are not mixed, pure. Left in pure essence of object without any unnecessary elements, the unalloyed’s basic frame is emotionalized with its sensitivity and identity.

It’s pretty good philosophy, if you are a bit into philosophy  😉

Their concept is really innovative; a bit fun, a bit weird, but definitely fashion-forward.  Their perspective is to let the person empower the piece instead of the other way around. Pushing you to be confident without adding unnecessesary elements to your outfit.
I personally love the boyish designs. I always loved to wear oversized hoodies or shirts. I don’t even know why. It’s more comfy, I guess.

Unalloyed is definitely gender-fluid.

And, I have to be honest, I got my minute of doubt when I received their moodboard.
I, stupidly thought they mistaked me for a boy as their moodboard was only showing boys. I was about to write them back and confess “I am a girl, you know”. But I breathed deeply and then I understood 😉

You see, thanks to Unalloyed, I discovered one rule in everyday’s life: the importance of breathing. It will save you from panicking or fainting because you think that maybe you’re not gonna have the job.

The shooting was super fun. Wandering around Berlin is already something magic. It’s not always the perfect weather, but between a rain shower, thick clouds and freezing wind, you still get 10 minutes of sun. Seriously, it’s a very inspiring city.
We made This editorial about simplicity and freedom. I had prepared a moodboard with ideas and we used some of them but it’s always important to leave a hint of spontaneity. In everything you do. Especially when you are wearing oversized boyish designs and it’s pretty new to you !

In our western world, things are pretty obvious and, I shall say, sometimes too expected… Even fashion, which is supposed to be freer, resembles some kind of vulgar product now. And It’s been a few years we read about fashion being dead. Before that, was rock music dying, and before it was something else. It’s part of the whole consumerism process.

But things don’t really change. We recycle ideas and it’s fine with me. What is not is we are still thinking blue for boys and pink for girls. I mean, still a majority of us think that way. it’s so annoying !

In the meantime, it’s refreshing to see that there are brands like Unalloyed out there, that push the boundaries, and make us think differently, in a respectful way.

Merci Unalloyed. 😉

4689c91720662_shop1_7553932514a656_shop1_248331262826c3334515257660_shop1_6010321210070525photos: @philipperocks

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