Hotel i31, a great night in a comfort container

I was invited to spend the night before heading back to my hometown for Christmas, at the boutique Hotel i31 in Berlin. A super relaxing night before traveling ! Lucky Meeeee
For this occasion i was wearing my fave Kawaii dress from Baby The Stars Shine Bright.
Hotel i31 is a 4 stars superior hotel located in the heart of Berlin, in Mitte, to be more precise. It’s 5 minutes away from the famous Mauerpark and its fabulous flea market.
The hotel is flamboyant, the perfect mix of modern stylish design and laid back Berlin atmosphere.
At my arrival, I was welcomed by Constance, the e-commerce manager who offered me a drink in the hotel lobby. I had a tea in a beautiful cup from @kpmberlin, porcelain made in Germany. Very stylish!
That’s when she told me that she decided to have me stay in one of their brand new Comfort containers room. A container ? Wow ! Interesting. I was really curious to visit my room.

The COMFORT CONTAINERS are located on the rooftop of the neighbouring building with a view on the inner courtyard, and surrounded by a lovingly laid out green terrace.
I was blown away by the design of the room, how they turned a simple container into such an elegant and stylish space. Really original. it’s like having your own little house in a hotel. You know how sometimes, when you can’t sleep in your hotel room, you hear all the neighbours noises. Well, in your container, you can sleep peacefully.

It was definitely time to relax, after the long cold days of work and I decided to try the sauna. Very cute little sauna, quiet and well maintained.
They also have a gym, if you are one of the sporty ones. In my case, relaxing was all i needed.

I finally ended up having a cocktail at the bar, in the lobby near the giant Christmas tree, which was very pleasant. I was simply wearing my xmas pyjamas just to tell you how comfy i felt @Hotel I31 😉

Screen Shot 2018-01-28 at 14.19.30
The buffet breakfast is served in the café-style glass-fronted breakfast area. You have many options to choose from, depending on how hungry you are. I opted for the 2 croissants one which was more than  enough for my little stomach.
I definitely recommend the boutique Hotel I31, as it is a gem & very well situated. ❤

photos by @philipperocks
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