D e p a r t u r e

Happy to share with you our new song “Departure”, that comes with a hypnotizing remix by Fear The Priest. ❤

This song reflects part of my journey and especially my relationship with music, which has been chaotic. Love & Hate. Living one’s passion is not as easy as it looks. It can be long and painful path.

It all started pretty fast. After writing a few catchy songs in my bedroom in the south of france, i found myself recording with some greedy old obscure norwegian producer, who then blackmailed me to pay him 5000€ – which i had to loan money for! – just to be able to work with someone else. Apparently he "owned me"…as he had previously made me sign a shitty handwritten piece of paper, which didnt seem so formal, but was for him a real contract…and so yes, he owned me and i had to pay to get my freedom back.
LOL. What an exciting start! I was 16 or 17 at the time, innocent, naive and just wanted to do music. Right there, i started to understand i was stepping into a nasty industry! You suddenly realise your soul is for sale.

Then i had what people call "the chance of one's life", when this producer reached out to me, after he had listened to my demos – while he was seated on the toilet – and completely fell in love with my music. Paris here i was ! My producer's business partner became my Manager. Everything went fast. Wow ! I was on my way to the top. At only 18 i was signed by a major label, who put a lot of money on me and my album…150.000€ to be precise…but it quickly turned into a downward spiral. I was in the hands of a big nasty powerful manager who decided he could take advantage of my naivety. He thought he had the right to interfere in my personal life and manipulate me.

He sabotaged me. As a result my album never came out, and i found myself in a long and painful time.
Any form of abuse or manipulation, is wrong.
 I promised myself i would never let anyone tell me what to be, or what to do anymore.

Society can soak you up and push you to suicide if you take life too seriously. There are people trying to take advantage of you and rip you off. Beware! And anyway we always imagine success is gonna be so much fun, right? How come so many great artists end up their life in hotel rooms, overdosing to drugs or medication? (2 different words for the same thing. Only 1 is supposed to heal you and the other one to destroy you).

This story affected me but it made me damn stronger, and never killed my passion and optimism. Every day is a new day! You decide to make it a good one or not. I never gave up music and never will.
My journey and moving to Berlin for a fresh start has deeply inspired this song "Departure" that i wrote with my other half, and which, i am proud to present today.

Departure by Free Free Dom Dom
mixed by Christian Poulsen
Label: Bishops Bloc Records
Date of Release: 2018-03-06
Remix by Fear The Priest
BUY Here (in case you think we deserve to eat)


2 thoughts on “D e p a r t u r e

  1. Strong woman ❤
    It's amazing to know more about your story ❤
    Love xxx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ❤ Merci Lola ❤ lots of kisses from Japan to Berlin. See you soon!


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