Osamu Yokonami

I had the honor to meet the amazing Japanese photographer Osamu Yokonami ❤ during my trip in Tokyo.

Osamu has been taking photos for 30 years. His work explores dualistic, oppositional conceptions of selfhood and the fine line between innocence and vice. Through group portraiture and seriality, he contemplates socialization and cultural homogeneity, highlighting our interconnectedness with nature and with one another.

I am a huge admiror of him, therefore, knowing i was coming to tokyo i decided to get in touch. I thought maybe we could meet. I didnt really expect an answer but he actually did reply, inviting me to his office 😲😆

It all started pretty awry as i showed up to the wrong adress, and randomly found myself on set of a fashion photoshoot… to my horror, i was 20 minutes away from Osamu’s office by taxi! I would be late and i hate being late! Punctuality is very important in Japan! It’s a question of respect! I couldn’t agree more.
So, 20 minutes and 3000¥ later, i am in front of a small residential building, in this very quiet neighborhood. Breathe in, breathe out!!!

I was a bit anxious to meet Osamu, as i didn’t know what to expect. I mean no offense, but many artists are so full of themselves, it can be annoying 😉
Stepping into his office i immediately felt relieved as the vibe was so good! Osamu gently invited me in. He was surrounded by his team, 3 young assistants, working, editing, cooking and laughing at the same time!

Osamu was extremely sweet! He showed me some of his work, his office and his lab. He even spoiled me with many of his photo books – and took 10 minutes just to pack them so it would be easy to carry – surrealistic!

Afterwords Osamu took time to photograph me! What an honor! Even though i was impressed and a bit anxious, It was easy and fun! Plus i got to wear his signature pink headband! YAY!
Then, while he was uploading the pictures on my hard drive, i was invited to share a delicious rice curry with the team. A very special moment. It was a lot of fun.

Osamu Yokonami is such an inspiration for many artists and especially many emerging photographers. A pure talent and also a very kind man! Respect!

Arigato Gozaimas Osamu! ありがとうございました!

Follow his work here or here.








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