Franziska Michael is a Berlin-based designer that i particularly LOVE. My friend Frank from iHeartBerlin was the one introducing me to her work; I was interested in attending berlin fashion week shows for the first time, and Frank told me that I would dig Franziska’s work.

Indeed! I went to her show in January and i fell in love with her new collection. Definitely My taste: pastel colors, extravagant and chic. Her designs are pushing gender boundaries, as much as her name itself. Yes, Franziska Michael rocks!

I had my trip to Tokyo already planned, and well, i am very persuasive when i want something. I wanted a piece of Franziska Michael’s collection with me in Tokyo. AND SHE SAID YES! ^^

We shot during the amazing Sakura full bloom! I’m obsessed! Cherry blossoms are a magic spectacle, but they only last 2 weeks. This is a reminder of how precious and fragile life is.  You know… live in the moment y’all!

My intention was also to show that we are tired of seing the same shit over and over again! Beauty standards/stereotypes are BO-RING and we need to deconstruct everything we have known! Of course it is easier to choose laziness and follow the lead without challenging notions that have been put in our head, at school, home! Of course, we are living in a giant shopping mall. It’s easy to get lost and fall asleep. But i guess we should be critical of what we see, of what we hear. And we don’t necessarily have to fight!
You can just be whoever you want. Don’t be afraid to be! Just play your game, be open minded and respect each other. This is my uglybeauty message. Ugliness and beauty, it’s all in your head ! You are your own definition of beauty!

Be proud.


Little Voice

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Photos and video: @philipperocks

Locations: Shinjuku Gyoen park, Godzilla district, Shinjuku Metro Station.

Sweater: Franziska Michael  @franziskamichael

Shoes: Yosuke @yosuke_usa

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