Nail Art…always wanted to try but never did til recently. I spent a few weeks in Tokyo and nail art is pretty big there! I had to try and if possible with the best nail artist.
I contacted Yuka because i really loved her work. I discovered her on instagram, and i was thrilled when she invited me for a Nail Art experience. Her salon is called 111NAIL, and is located in Omotesando, the heart of Harajuku district. My appointment was early in the morning, as she is fully booked most of the time. It was not super easy to find her salon but after 20 minutes wandering in the neighborhood i finally found it, with the help of a lovely Japanese woman, who called Yuka to let her know I was lost. 🙂

I was 30 minutes late but Yuka was extremely sweet and invited me to enter her super cute little office space, hidden on the second floor of a small building. Even if she didn’t speak a word of english we were able to communicate with a mix of english / japanese or even french, signs, smiles and laughs. And let me tell you, Yuka is not only nice, she is an impressive artist.

We first chose colors, shapes and textures. The preparation is very important and she adapts her art according to your taste and mood. I could dare anything! KAWAII obviously! Yuka ended up painting a rose 🥀 pastel stripes, and she even created a 3d ladybug just for me! 🐞 Too cute!
She spent 2 hours making my nails a real piece of Art. she drew each nail by hand, with an amazing precision. I was blown away! If you question, well, Nail art is definitely ART!

If you happen to be in Tokyo and you wanna experience nail art, i definitely recommend you go to 111NAIL in Omotesando.
Yuka will take good care of your nails. ❤ Go Go Go !

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