The Lumiares Hotel Lisbon

Winter in Berlin is so sudden and everlasting ! Once it’s there, better be patient. Everyone ends up talking about it, the newbies are scared, some write poems or songs about it. It’s a big deal! To me it’s ok. I mean, i spent my teenage years in the south of France. I can handle Berlin winters for a while! I mean, can I ?  😉

The thing about Berlin is you need some short breaks. And I indeed needed a little getaway from the cold german vibe. I heard November in Lisbon is quite nice so I booked my flight. I arrived in Lisbon under a beautiful transparent blue sky ! Wow ! Lisbon is quite something !

I was invited to The Lumiares, a luxurious boutique hotel & spa in the heart of the most fashionable area of Lisbon, Bairro Alto. A real gem perfectly located to visit the city.  Upon arrival i was guided into a huge top floor appartment, with 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, very beautifully designed with a fantastic view across the terracotta rooftop. Mind-blowing!

The team at Lumiares is so warm and welcoming, i just wanted to hug everyone. The fridge was full of complimentary drinks and I was also offered welcome drinks at the Lumi Rooftop which has one of the best views across Lisbon. I guess they wanted me drunk! 🙂

The room are extremely comfy, also very modern and stylish.  The bathrooms are very classy with plenty of cute amenities. I especially loved the soft lights, which give the room a very nice cosy atmosphere. It can be a problem if you have a lot of sightseeing to do…because you really want to stay in The Lumiares.

The hotel’s spa is not very big, but really cute. And i can never refuse a nice relaxation in the sauna & steam room at the end of a long walking day around the city! The spa, also offers a full wellness and beauty menu including  four treatment rooms, and a 24 hour gym. Yeah well, i must be honest, i didn’t spend much time in the gym. But good to know it’s there, right?

The area around The Lumiares is full of little restaurants, tapas, typical portuguese food, and bars. Lots of bars!  if you want to stay in, The hotel proposes the Mercado Café which serves typical portuguese dishes. And If you want classier food, gastronomy, the renowned chef Miguel Castro, will await you at the rooftop restaurant.
I highly recommend the Lumiares Hotel for a perfect time in the heart of dreamy Lisbon.

Oh, one important tip: bring comfy shoes to wander around the steep cobbled streets of the lisbon hills.


*sponsored. In collaboration with The Lumiares Hotel.
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photos: Philippe Duval

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