Victor’s Residenz-Hotel Leipzig

I was in Leipzig recently, for the very first time. I was always curious to visit “Berlin’s little sister”. And even though 3 days is not much to discover a city,  it’s better than nothing.
I was invited to stay at Victor’s Residenz-Hotel Leipzig, a very nice 4 stars hotel, Art Nouveau stylish building, located in the city centre. Only 2 minutes walk away from the Leipzig central station. So convenient if you wanna explore the city!
I was delighted to discover the Junior suite waiting for me at Victor’s Hotel Lepizig. Fantastic! I immediately liked the chic traditional vintage decoration with its large antique mirrors…  The room was super clean, with a nice seating area. Lucky me, the bathroom had a beautiful marble bathtub, as well as a shower, and all the equipment you would need.
I especially liked the nice view from the bedroom’s bay window.
I must admit that the wifi was a bit slow…but it’s also good to unplug sometimes!
Breakfast was served in the hotel’s lobby and was pretty decent. It wasn’t super fancy or exotic but It had a large variety of food and gave me enough energy to face the cold weather outside. It was indeed freezing like hell, so not super easy to find motivation to leave my cosy room to wander in the city! But I didn’t want to lose the opportunity to check what Leipzig feels like. What stroke me right away is the kindness of the people, even when they don’t speak english. Leipzig is closer to “real germany” compared to Berlin, I guess. For the art lovers, i recommend to visit Galerie für Zeitgenössische Kunst – Leipzig’s Museum of Contemporary Art, which is very close to the hotel. There is also Leipzig’s Museum of Fine Arts worth checking out!
Back to the hotel i could enjoy a drink and a warm bubbly bath!

I really had a great stay at Victor’s Leipzig. Thank you to the lovely staff. ❤

*Sponsored* In collaboration with Victor’s Residenz-Hotel Leipzig


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Photos: Philippe Duval

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