I was invited for a stay at Volkshotel in Amsterdam and this was one of my favorite hotel experiences so far. ❤ As soon as I entered the lobby i fell under the charm of this lively & conceptual place made for everyone to feel good!

It is not just a hotel, formerly famous De Volkskrant newspaper, it is now a house studio for artists, a restaurant, bar, club, and even a co-working place where you can stay all day if you want to. The bar serves drinks, snacks, sweets and burgers that are very “yummy”. 3 meeting rooms are available in the lobby as well. The vibe really reminds me of the best of Berlin. On weekends you can enjoy the night program in the basement; cocktails, music, party! Volkshotel has everything you need and to make you want to stay forever! 🙂

The rooms are located from floor 1 til 5. I was lucky to try 2 of their nine special rooms. Each has a specific theme, and was designed by some of the artists living in Volkshotels art studios.
On the first night I tried “Bathing Bikou”, a wide room with a lot of natural light, Zen atmosphere, modern design, and a Japanese bath in the middle. It’s called an Ofuro bathtub and you MUST definitely try it! The Hinoki wood makes the experience very special! I soaked in it for a while. SO RELAXING!

One of the best things in volkshotel: The Special rooms are all equipped with a beamer, a wide screen, and cherry on the top, Netflix ! Bye bye rainy Amsterdam, hello comfy bed 🙂 🛏

That evening I was eager to stay in because of the pourring rain and i had a lovely diner at the restaurant on the 7th floor. Really nice view and atmosphere. I tried the chicken wings, the cod fish croquettes and roasted leak! Really really good!

The 2nd night i checked into the « Cinema Boudoir » special room designed by Maja Markovic. OMG what a set ! I immediately got seduced by the luxurious design and decoration of that little gem. Walls all red, very rococo vibe! You feel like a queen, watching a movie whilst having a bath. And it is a whirlpool! That’s what i call a real bubble bath! I loved it ! 👸🛁

On the top floor you can enjoy the sauna, and 3 outdoor hot baths with an amazing panoramic view.

Thanks a lot Volkshotel for having me. You were a great discovery and i will visit again for sure! 🙂 😘

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Sponsored – in collaboration with Volkshotel.

photos: Philippe Duval @philipperocks

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