I was invited to Almodovar Hotel in Berlin, and i had a lovely time. The hotel is located in the popular district of Friedrichshain, known for its night life and of course its famous church of Techno, Berghain. Almodovar is a pretty impressive and modern building, you can’t miss it! Before you even ask me, its name is not related to the Spanish director. I mean, the owner is a fan of Almodovar cinema for sure, and is also an admiror of spanish modern design. So it is sort of related, like an hommage.

The main theme of the hotel is Sustainability, and Veggie. They use recycled paper, organic cotton, got rid of the individual fridges and plastic bottles, willing to reduce the excessive consumption of our modern world to the max. And i like that responsible behavior! We all know so well the little notes in hotels bathrooms asking to try to keep the towels as long as we can. Well at Almodovar it’s eco-responsible all the way. My room, pretty decent size-wise, was located on the 3rd floor. Design is clean look, using recycled wood as the main material. In every room, a yoga mat is available. On the 5th floor you can enjoy a sauna, opened from 3pm til 10pm. After a long day of work or sightseeing, it is always a luxury to be able to enjoy a moment of relaxation.

Breakfast is served in the Hotel’s restaurant ‘Cafe Bardot’. It is a vegan + vegetarian breakfast, with a large selection of great salty and sweet products. If you want eggs, they make them especially for you. I highly recommend their home-cooked vegan curry wurst or their vegan croissants. DELICIOUS! And i’m not even vegan 😉

My stay at Almodovar was exactly what i expected ! A very nice moment. Thank you to Almodovar adorable team for having me and my partner ❤

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